The Scent of Roses



Susan Young Oskey had a happy childhood, thanks to her loving and nurturing parents. Spending her teenage years being bullied and battling anxiety and depression, Susan found her calling as a teacher. After marrying Christopher, she welcomed her baby girl Brittany, and the following years were easily the best years of her life. However, things took a tragic turn when her beloved daughter was taken from her too soon.

After losing Brittany in a tragic accident, Susan’s life would have stopped if she hadn’t discovered resources that helped bereaved parents like her find solace. Since then, Susan, with the help of her family and friends, has found ways to talk to Brittany, who loves communicating with her mama.


Over the years, Brittany has found ways to send messages, signs, and even have a gift delivered to Susan! Here are a few of her messages:

01. Brittany always kept roses in her room, and 4 years later, even after the loss of that room to fire, Brittany still sends the rosy fragrance to her mama, wherever she might be.
02. Clouds lined up to spell Brittany’s name in the sky, captured by Susan’s childhood friend Lynn.


Brittany made friends easily, but her best friend was always her mama, with whom she traveled, shopped, dined, and had long heart-to-heart conversations. When Susan was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, Brittany was there for her. The two of them would be inseparable even when Brittany went into her late teens and started experiencing anxiety. She was a special and spiritually advanced kid, and Susan would always be proud to be her mama. This book is a testimony of this pure love between mother and daughter.