Each child grows a liking for something while growing up. For some, it’s their pacifier, a toy, a book, or even a pet. For Brittany, it was flowers. More specifically, roses. Since childhood, she was obsessed with the scent of roses. If she found a rose bush on her walks, she would insist on smelling the rose and getting her momma to pluck it for her.

Brittany and Her Love for Roses

Brittany’s love for roses continued well into her teenage years. Her room was almost always filled with the scent of fresh roses, and every time Susan passed by her daughter’s room, a smile would come across her face. In her mind, she would always associate the scent of roses with her daughter.

She loved roses so much that she would keep them in her room long after they dried up.

A Roses Filled Funeral

Who knew that Brittany’s life would resemble a rose so much? Beautiful, fragrant, and short-lived. It was unbelievable for anyone who heard about her untimely death. Susan was beyond grief-stricken. While planning her funeral, Brittany’s family surrounded her with beautiful red roses. As young Brittany was laid in her casket as they said their final goodbyes, the familiar scent of roses enveloped her, and Susan has that image of her daughter ingrained in her mind forever. After all, there’s something unnatural about parents attending their kids’ funerals. It is not something anyone even imagines going through in their lifetime.

Roses From Afterlife

After Brittany’s death, Susan discovered Helping Parents Heal – a group dedicated to helping parents adjust to the loss of their children. It was nothing short of a miracle that Susan could connect with medium George who told her that Brittany wanted to let her mama know that she was alright. After that started, the recurring cycle of signs, messages, and gifts ensured Brittany’s presence in the afterlife. One of these signs was a true validation of Brittany’s spirit.

Susan would often wake up to the smell of roses while there were no flowers in the house. She would often pass Brittany’s room in the early morning to find it full of fragrance. Even if she’s writing late at night, visiting her sister in Florida, or driving her car, Susan still receives the gift, the validation, the sign Brittany insists on sending her mama through the fragrance of roses. It’s been four long years since Brittany’s passing, and Susan can still smell the scent of roses whenever Brittany chooses to send it. Sometimes their smell gets so overwhelming; it makes Susan sneeze!

Final Thoughts

A year after Brittany’s untimely demise, Susan’s house caught on fire and had to be rebuilt. Even though Brittany hadn’t stepped foot in the new house, the frequent scent of roses pays testimony to her presence around Susan.

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