Devastated after losing her only daughter, Susan had shut herself away from everyone and spent her time online looking for resources that would help her deal with the immense grief. During one of her browsing sessions, she discovered a group called Helping Parents Heal. Upon browsing the website, she found their next conference was set to be in Arizona only seven weeks after Brittany’s death.

1st Conference

It was nothing short of a miracle that even though the group wasn’t accepting any members for their conference, there was a cancellation, and Susan was able to register. Not just that, the hotel found a suite for her as well. Susan didn’t know yet, but there were forces in play that wanted her to attend that conference under any circumstances.

The first trip without her permanent travel companion, Brittany, was hard, and Susan arrived at the hotel with a heavy heart. On the first day of the conference, the medium, George, presented Susan with a gift from Brittany. Brittany might have passed onto the other side, but she had been keeping tabs on her mama all along, making sure she attended the conference and got to reconnect with her daughter.

Séance and Mediums

Susan attended many séances with different mediums, which cemented her belief that people who pass away from this world move onto a better place where they’re no longer in pain. Children who leave their parents grow up in a loving environment and still stay with us. They keep a watch over us in this physical world, and although we can’t contact them easily, they stay around even after years.

2nd Conference

Susan met Kat B, another medium that works for Helping Parents Heal, during the second Conference in Arizona in August 2022. Brittany reached out to Susan through Kat B and shared evidential information that no one could know except her.

The Helpful People at Helping Parents Heal

Susan feels indebted to Elizabeth B, and Irene V for starting Helping Parents Heal to bring support to parents who have lost their children. She believes Brittany had a lot to do with her finding the group. Many people join Helping Parents Heal and start their healing groups to help the parents and relatives closely sit together, talk about their loss, and look for ways to connect with their kids spiritually.

Finding Support After Grief

If you have lost a loved one, know you’re not alone. Helping Parents Heal helps parents connect with others who have experienced the passing of a child and have uplifting discussions. The group remembers your child, encourages parents to talk about them, and discusses the miraculous ways they send you signs and messages. The parents help one another heal.

Who’s Responsible for Brittany’s Death?

In the words of the medium George Anderson, “Each day is one day less and one day closer to meeting our loved ones.”

Connect with Susan Young Oskey and see how her life has been transformed after joining Helping Parents Heal and how she has found a way to overcome her grief of losing her beloved daughter only in her book “The Scent Of Roses.”