People who lose their pets to old age or injuries struggle with the idea of adjusting to life without their fur babies. It’s not just the loss of a pet; it is the loss of a companion who has been a source of unconditional love for them.Susan had been attuned to the spiritual world since a young age and had her fair share of visits from people and pets from the afterlife. She knew that they continue to live there; their pain and sadness are taken away, and they can even communicate with people telepathically.

Brittany and Her Pet Cat Nubia

Brittany was one and a half years old when Susan and Chris got Nubia, a beautiful, friendly black cat. Chris made him a cat box and installed a light inside so Nubia could stay warm at night. It stayed with them for four and a half years before meeting an accident and passing on. Chris buried Nubia while Brittany was out with her aunts. When she returned, Brittany was devastated to know that Nubia was no more. It broke Susan’s heart to see her little girl cry so hard over losing her pet. She assured Brittany that Nubia had gone to heaven.

A few days later, Susan found the cat lying again in his usual spot by the driveway. She could not believe her eyes; she had seen Chris bury him, and now he was roaming about again! He noticed Susan and Chris’s eyes on him, looked over to meet them, started to walk down the road, and went straight through their backyard in broad daylight. Chris was not a believer in the afterlife at the time, but he and Susan have spoken about that incident many times over the years. They knew he had returned to assure them that he was okay.

Communicating with Pets from the Afterlife

When Susan’s sister lost her golden retriever, Susan had a visit from him. The poor dog had suffered in pain for a long time before passing on. When he visited Susan, she saw him running in a lush green field, happily jumping and playing. He communicated with Susan telepathically, letting her know that his days of suffering were over and that he was healthy now.

Brittany got another cat, and it lived a long life. She was an aggressive kitty and never seemed to enjoy being confined to the house. She passed at 18 and has since calmed down in the afterlife. Susan has seen the strong side of her personality flare up at times, but usually, the cat is at peace now, happy to be reunited with her mama (Brittany) again.

Susan also discovered that the pets would be one of our first greeters when this life ends and we cross over to the other side. Later on, Brittany let her know that she was there to greet her aunt’s Rottweiler when he passed at a very young age from cancer.

Final Thoughts

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