What is it about the relationship between mothers and daughters that makes it the strongest of all parent-child bonds? The mother-daughter relationship between Susan and Brittany was no different.

The Beginning

It had been 4 months since her mother’s passing when Susan found out she was pregnant with Brittany. The day she was born was unlike any other. The utter joy she felt when they handed over her tiny baby girl was unmatched, and she never got to experience that pure joy again.

From staying awake until the late hours to talk, cooking whatever she craved, taking her everywhere, traveling together, and having simulated conversations over dinners, Susan would do everything she could to give her the happiest and most beautiful childhood.

One of the things people were most concerned about was how Susan let her sleep in her parent’s bed till she was 8. They didn’t know how anxious she felt while staying away from her mother. There was no way Susan would force her daughter to sleep alone just to make other people happy. To her, Brittany’s happiness and comfort came before everything.

Brittany as a Child

The love and care Brittany received were apparent in her personality. She was a cheerful and confident child who didn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. Susan, of course, ensured her voice was heard and respected. It was probably the confidence her mama gave her that made her come up to Susan whenever something was bothering her or she got hurt by someone.

Even though she was an only child, Susan never tried to keep Brittany wrapped up. They regularly met up with her cousins on both sides of the family, and once Susan’s sister was in town, they had lots of fun together.

Brittany was wise beyond her age. She had a way with words and knew that her mama was her biggest fan from the very start. The mother-daughter duo loved to travel. Some of Susan’s fondest memories are from their cruises around the country, their hotel stays, and sampling different foods. Brittany loved collecting souvenirs from everywhere they traveled and said they reminded her of the time she shared with her mama.

The Troubling Teens

The sweet, bubbly girl underwent drastic changes once she started her teens. Her outgoing personality transformed into someone who preferred to be withdrawn and hidden in her bedroom. That’s when Susan understood she needed help.

Her psychiatrist started her on medications, which was just the opposite of what she needed. All her life, Susan kept her surrounded with love, and the licensed professional didn’t care if she was getting better after the treatment or not.

Her anxiety continued to mount, and when her favorite uncle took his life, it devastated Brittany. After that, things kept going downhill, and somehow, she fell in with the wrong crowd. Depressed over a boy she liked, she started hanging out with a friend who was a heroin addict.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship – After Brittany Left

Nine days after her 21st birthday, Susan lost Brittany and a part of herself. The excruciating pain she felt when she heard of her passing made her wish no mother ever had to go through what she went through. Susan didn’t know it then, but her daughter had only left this physical world, and she would soon reunite with her in ways few people are likely to believe.

7 weeks after her daughter passed, Brittany sent her mother the first gift from the other side. Since then, it has been a series of signs, messages, validations, and miracles through which she keeps telling her mama that she hasn’t really left her!

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